The Ultimate Guide To Orion Bar 10000 Vape


Lost Vape’s Orion Bar 10000 is a delight to use and has top-notch performance. This disposable comes in a tantalizing array of 10 flavors and boasts an astounding 20 mL of 5% e-juice, powered by a 650 mAh battery. Many features are available on the Orion Bar 10000, which features an LED display and a lively, entertaining appearance. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative, long-lasting disposable!

Quality and Design

Stylish and colorful, the Orion Bar 10000 is sure to turn heads. The disposable box has an offset mouthpiece and rounded edges. A Type-C charging connector and an airflow slider are located on the device’s bottom. There are two distinct design directions that the body can take.

The front and rear of one side are covered with a plethora of small squares engraved onto shiny colored plastic. A speckled accent color surrounds the words Lost Vape, which are printed with raised tiny squares.

The battery is encased in a transparent plastic casing on the opposite side. The battery is encased in a colorful, retro design that features the flavor name and the Lost Vape Orion Bar logo on the back and the front, respectively.


The 20 mL tank of the Orion Bar 10000 disposable needs to be long-lasting so that consumers may get every last puff. The internal components are protected from harm in the case of a drop, due to the unbreakable oil burner pipe and the body’s sturdy polycarbonate plastic. There is no vulnerable seam because the mouthpiece is also sculpted from the same vividly colored plastic.

Lost Vape made sure the Orion Bar 10000 would last a long time. Regardless of how long it takes to use up all 20 mL, this disposable will still be in excellent condition and work perfectly after it’s finished.

Charging and Batteries

The Orion Bar 10000 by Lost Vape has a 650 mAh battery. This battery is on the smaller side and has a lower capacity, which was probably done on purpose so that the tank size may take up more room. All vaporizers must find a happy medium between battery life and tank capacity, so this is not surprising.

A full charge of the 650 mAh battery will allow for continuous vaping for about seven to nine hours. This battery capacity should be more than enough for most heavy smokers, although it will probably require daily charging.

Flavor Options

You can choose from ten distinct flavors of the Orion Bar 10000: Lush Ice, Pineapple Lemonade, Grape Burst, Peach Mango Watermelon, Blue Razz Ice, Raspberry Sour Apple, Strawberry Chew, and Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. Six of them are explained below:

  • Lush Ice- Embark on a delightful journey into a frozen watermelon paradise with Lush Ice. Inhale a juicy, sweet watermelon flavor, and exhale a chilly, icy aftertaste that will send shivers down your spine. What a beautiful contrast the fruity richness and chilly chill make.
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava- Stars for the tropical blast that is Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. The kiwi and guava flavors come out first, followed by the sweet passion fruit aftertaste. It tastes like a vape version of a summer getaway. Refreshing and easy to vape!
  • Strawberry Summertime- The inhalation of Strawberry Summertime envelops your taste receptors with sweet and juicy flavors, like strolling through a field of ripe strawberries.
  • Miami Mint-  It is uncomplicated and refreshing, like a cold breeze. The sweetness is strong and balanced. For those who enjoy mint, this is a perfect choice.
  • Blue Razz Ice- A blend of luscious raspberries, Blue Razz Ice gives an inhale of fruity sweetness and a mild acidity that tickles the taste senses. The sourness is muted and replaced with a chilly, ice sensation when you exhale, and the aftertaste is cool and refreshing.
  • Raspberry Sour Apple- An energetic and fun combination, Raspberry Sour Apple begins with a sharp raspberry blast that perks up your taste buds in an instant. The tart apple undertones join the sweet and sour melody as you drag out the drag of your vape.


If you’re seeking a disposable vaporizer that lasts a long time, tastes great, and looks good, try the Orion Bar 10000 from Lost Vape. In spite of a few little issues, the device’s benefits considerably exceed its disadvantages, making it a viable option for vapers of all skill levels.  This vaping equipment is more than just a device; it’s a fashion statement thanks to its colorful and quirky design and functional LED screen. With a variety of delicious and pleasant flavors to choose from, Lost Vape has done an excellent job.


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