Medical Cannabis: Cannabinoids and Terpenes Are What Matter

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There is definitely no shortage of brand and product names in the medical cannabis space. There are also plenty of strains sold under very creative names designed purposely to get attention. Medical cannabis patients need to keep the names in perspective. Cannabinoids and terpenes are what matter most.

Cannabis brands choose names that are memorable and inviting. The Cookies brand is a classic example. When most people hear the word ‘cookies’, their minds do not immediately race to cannabis products. They start thinking about chocolate chip cookies and cold milk. The company behind the Cookies brand made a brilliant choice.

Branding Is About the Company

Branding is all about the company rather than the customer. Companies create brands in order to sell an image of themselves. They want an image that appeals to the largest possible customer base, an image customers will latch onto and member. So when it comes time to name a brand, public perception plays a huge role.

Here is the thing about brands in medical cannabis: they say nothing of the products they are attached to. You can stare at a Cookies label all day long and have no idea what is inside the package. The brand name tells you nothing about THC content, terpene profiles, or even the solvent used to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes in the product.

The brand name itself is designed solely to get your attention and evoke a positive emotional reaction. This is true for all brand names, not just those in the medical cannabis space. From car manufacturers to clothing lines, brand names are all about the company’s image rather than the products or services they sell.

Strain Names Are No Different

Strain names are similar to brand names in the cannabis industry. Pay a visit to Utah dispensary Beehive Farmacy and you will find products from Cookies. You’ll also find similar products from Cookies’ direct competitors. Many of those products will have their own names. But rather than referring to product names, companies like to talk about strains.

A strain is more or less a cannabis variety cultivated to promote certain properties. Through crossbreeding, genetics, and other cultivation practices, producers can create plants with certain cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

It is those cannabinoids and terpenes that really matter to medical cannabis users. Producers know this and do their best to educate about their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. But before they do that, they give their new strains creative names designed to mimic what brand names do: grab consumer attention and evoke positive feelings.

Pay Attention to What’s Inside

The general consensus among medical providers and pharmacists is to pay attention to what is inside a medical cannabis package. Patients should not gravitate to products based on brand or strain names. They also shouldn’t assume that a given strain will work for them because it happens to be popular at the moment.

When a medical cannabis patient buys a product, they need to know what’s in it. They need to know how much THC it contains. They need to know if it contains CBD, Delta-8, and other cannabinoids. And they need to know the product’s terpene profile. Cannabinoids and terpenes are what provide the medicinal benefit irrespective of brand or strain name.

Brand names are marketing tools. Likewise for strain names. When it comes to medical cannabis, names mean very little to actual efficacy. What matters most are cannabinoids and terpenes. Patients should look for a cannabinoid and terpene profile that works for them regardless of who makes the product behind it. That is the starting point.


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