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Given how dynamic digital marketing is as a field, it is natural for old tactics to wither away and be replaced by new cutting edge practices. Digital marketing, and content marketing as its subset are both no exception to this dynamism. New tactics in content marketing are on the fore to change the way digital marketers approach the field.

The problem with new tactics is their use across the digital marketing spectrum. It is often the case that a large part of any industry remains stuck in old methods while other players with access to greater resources use new and improved techniques.

In digital marketing, the gap exists due to a gap in knowledge. Many professionals in the field do not analyze how other marketers in the field are moving on to different methods to improve their respective digital marketing efforts. It is vital for those still learning about the field, from fresher learning on the job to a student at a digital marketing course in Delhi, the ability to gauge new trends and reacting to them is vital for professionals in the field.

Content marketing has its own set of new and unique tactics which can be used to further improve a digital marketing campaign. In this article, we will discuss all such content marketing tactics which can be used to target the audience more effectively.

Using SEM Data to Find Content Ideas

SEM data refers to an analytical study of a search ad campaign. Looking into the data of an SEM campaign, a digital marketer can analyze how searchers reach to certain keywords. Ad keywords targeted can at times signal a trend which even organic content does not.

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SEM data can be used to draw a number of conclusions, most importantly in the area of keyword research. If a particular ad keyword has a high CTR, it can allude to many different conclusions. For one, since searchers are clicking search ads more than usual, it can mean that organic search results are not up to the mark forcing people into clicking ads. Another conclusion can point to how popular that keyword is, making searchers consider clicking paid results instead of organic ones.

Optimize for Audio

Whether marketers like it or not, the invisible hand of technology has moved to make audio optimization the next great innovation of the digital age. Devices like Alexa and audio assistants like Siri have already made audio an integral part of the technical fabric of the modern digital era.

The role of content marketing in this change towards audio is to create content which is easily consumable through audio. The experience of reading something and listening to it are to different things. Over time, marketers will have to understand the changed behavior of users listening to content and consequently create something which is engaging in an audio form.

Audio optimization will also change other parts of digital marketing such as keyword research. Current keyword research principles are based upon user behavior with text search. As people get more used to audio search and the tendencies of searchers to use audio while looking for something, digital marketers will have to fine-tune their keyword research process to cover audio optimization.

This process of adapting existing digital marketing practices to acclimatize to changes to audio technology can be classified under audio optimization.

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