What Are The Types Of Drug Addiction Rehab?


There are many different types of drug rehab programs. A lot of them actually aren’t drug rehab’ – which means rehabilitation and is what someone hooked on drugs really needs to stay straight or sober; they just get the person withdrawn from drugs, but they do not really address the long-term problem. Others work with the addict extensively to dig in and find out why they’re taking drugs, help them fix those problems, teach them the life skills they’re missing, and put them on a program that does a great job helping them stay clean when they finish drug and alcohol rehab program.

Outpatient Drug Addiction Rehab

There are several different types of outpatient substance abuse programs. The most well-known is Narcotics Anonymous (NA), but there are many others. This type of treatment works for some, but others need more help and more supervision.

What’s Good About Outpatient Drug Rehab?

  • The person getting help may still be able to work or go to school and still live at home.
  • Their situation stays more private – as long as their treatment isn’t interfering with work or school, not many people have to know about it.

What’s Bad About Outpatient Drug Rehab?

  • The person getting help is in the same environment they’ve been using drugs in all along. This leaves them open to the same temptations and the same problems they’ve been facing all along.
  • They are on the honor system for not taking drugs. Many people taking drugs can’t resist them.
  • They may need medical or other help with withdrawal or other symptoms, and it won’t be as readily available as it would in an inpatient program.
  • The person may also need special help getting their health back – drugs often take a lot out of the body. While still at home, they might not have access to people who have the knowledge to help them.
  • A lot of outpatient programs go on for years. People are expected to stay in certain 12-step programs, for example, for the rest of their life. Other 12-step programs come to an end.

Inpatient Drug Addiction Rehab

There are big advantages to inpatient rehab, often known as residential drug rehab. You move in and stay there until the program is complete. Sometimes that’s 30 days, sometimes several months.

What’s good about going to a residential drug rehab facility?

  • The person is in a completely different environment, with no distractions, no temptations, they’re not faced with the usual problems every day – staying off drugs is a lot easier. Plus, they can’t get any.
  • All their attention is focused on handling the drug problem and everything else connected to it.
  • Help is available 24 hours a day.
  • Inpatient programs often help the person with their general health, nutrition, exercise, and so on – they’re all part of the program.
  • They isolate the reasons why the person is on drugs and figure out what it’s going to take to change their lives, so they no longer feel they need them. Of course, some outpatient drug addiction rehab programs may work on this too, but it’s much harder to get to the bottom of things when the person is still in the same environment.
  • When you complete an inpatient drug addiction program, you go home as a new person.


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