How to Know if You have Reached the Point Where Addiction Treatment is Imperative?


How do you know when your drinking or drug use has gone from being simply social or recreational and evolved into a serious problem that is disrupting your life and affecting the lives of those you hold most dear? If you can answer yes to the majority of the statements below, then you indeed may have a serious problem, one that may require addiction treatment services on an immediate basis.

  1. I use drugs or drinks to help myself cope with stress.
  2. When any type of celebration rolls around, be it a holiday, birthday or graduation, the first thing I think of is alcohol or drugs.
  3. It is common for me to turn to drugs or alcohol after a very difficult day.
  4. My drinking or drug habit causes me to feel guilty sometimes (but not enough to give it up altogether).
  5. After taking drugs or drinking heavily, I sometimes suffer memory blackouts (and sometimes it happens during).
  6. When I am sober, there are moments when I regret behaviors I exhibited while drinking or words that I uttered.
  7. I have made promises to my loved ones regarding my ability to control my drinking or drug habits but have been unable to honor the promises.
  8. It is common for me to use drugs or alcohol to help me cope with uncomfortable feelings or feelings of inadequacy, awkwardness, or insecurity. After any type of confrontation whatsoever, be it personal or professional, I turn to alcohol or drugs to help me cope.
  9. My morning ritual often consists of a drink or the use of a drug. I tell myself that it is necessary in order to prepare myself for the day ahead and to help me stay calm. After a night of heavy drinking, I do it to get rid of the hangover that results.
  10. I plan ahead for when I will use drugs or drink alcohol. I do this by designating a certain time of the day to start, such as after 5 pm.
  11. Drinking or drug use is causing me problems at home and/or is wreaking havoc with my job.
  12. I have been stopped by the police and charged with “driving under the influence.”
  13. I end every day with drugs or alcohol.
  14. I have been hospitalized or spent time in the ER due to my excessive drinking or drug use.

Today, you look in the mirror each day wondering why you used the drug or took yet another drink after many promises to yourself and those you love. The promises stemmed from their want and desire to lead a better life and to love and be loved, and be free of addiction. Experts at a drug and alcohol rehab center understand that action is the bridge that connects your wants with physical and mental change.

These addiction specialists are dedicated to providing their patients with a safe and confidential treatment setting. The environment for addiction treatment is pristine and evokes serenity, and allows you to be at peace. Thus, it makes it easier to identify the underlying situations in your lives that pose difficulty. While providing treatment for the primary addiction, they understand that they must also focus on the underlying issues that can drive an addict back to using if left untreated. So, they also offer an aftercare program.


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