Health e Messaging may be a service that provides a spread of on-line choices to contour and enhance your expertise together with your medical and mental state suppliers and different SHCS workers. This is often a secure and confidential thanks to communicate regarding your non-urgent aid and mental state desires.

Health e electronic messaging will be used for:

  • Schedule COVID-19 testing
  • Request sexual health services such as:
  • STI/HIV testing
  • contraception
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Complete your on-line case history type
  • Fill out pre-appointment visit questionnaires
  • read or cancel your regular appointments
  • Get your laboratory results
  • read and print your Immunizations
  • raise regarding Medical Entrance needs and hepatitis B holds
  • raise an issue regarding your insurance referral
  • Request a medical records unharness for an out of doors supplier
  • read and print charge statements
  • read supplier notes from previous visits

Staff at Student Health and substance Services Health e Messaging is also reached in an exceedingly form of ways in which. If you’re searching for ways in which to modify your interactions together with your medical and mental state physicians and hospital staff, Health e electronic messaging is that the answer for you. a personal and anonymous choice to communicate regarding non-urgent health and mental state problems is on the market during this channel.

Protection of private data and Confidentiality through health e messaging!

With your Health e messaging parole and username, anybody with these credentials could access extra data regarding you, as well as your appointments, check results, and communication with suppliers. They even have access to the records of previous appointments together with your doctor. Keeping your health data personal and secure is simple if you consult our article on doing therefore within the aid Setting.

How to schedule Health e Messaging appointment!

  • Appointments for Telehealth Services
  • Appointments created in the flesh
  • Non-appointment-based services
  • As you brace oneself for your appointment, here square measure some useful tips:
  • choose the Appointment kind That’s Right for You

Appointments for Telehealth Care:

We currently have complete telehealth appointments available! It doesn’t matter wherever you’re within the world; we’ll still be ready to facilitate. We tend to square measure ready to offer the following:

  • Addressing the foremost frequent styles of health problems
  • Orders for laboratory tests and prescriptions
  • still as referrals to specialists within the region
  • Appointments with gynecologists
  • See our current list of in-person and virtual assistants for the foremost up-to-date information.

Go to Health e Messaging and opt for “Appointments” from the menu at Medical services at the scholar treatment room square measure subject to extra expenses. CAPS and UCSC medicine square measure exempt from these rules.

Appointments created in Person:

Make a rendezvous Over The Phone: Most in-person appointments, as well as those for a similar day. Hospital is that the place to travel for facilitate with mental state problems.

On the internet:

The following in-person consultations square measure out there for programing on-line via Health e Messages

Appointments for COVID-19 testing:

  • Appointments for the COVID-19 Vaccination (when immunogen offer is available)
  • medical specialty examinations of the eyes
  • Inoculations That square measure Necessary (measles, mumps, etc.)
  • Incoming students from completely different schools and universities

Is it true that you just sleep in Santa Cruz nonetheless square measure a student at another UC campus? several of onsite services square measure out there to you. If you’d wish to got wind of associate in-person appointment. Student Health Services square measure out there to all or any presently listed collegian and graduate students.

For varied non-acute diseases, preventative care, and chronic medical problems, students while not UC SHIP is also sent to their off-campus doctors.

Services while not Appointment Necessary:

For these services, there’s no have to be compelled to create associate appointment:

  • Students WHO already apprehend what quite contraception methodology they like could take use of this net resource.
  • Schedule a rendezvous or a telemedicine appointment if you have got queries or considerations (see above).
  • consider search or the Pharmacy if you’re searching for condoms.
  • No appointment necessary if you don’t have any symptoms of a sexually transmitted ill health.
  • specialist hours of operation

Care Provided the Next Day:

If you’re in would like of immediate medical attention and can’t wait till future business day to envision a doctor, a similar Day Clinic could facilitate.

Some examples embrace sports injuries, rashes, and tract infections.

It’s perpetually possible:

If you’re unsure regarding what to try and do, try: The free 24-hour nurse recommendation line.

For more data, see: you will use your mobile device to envision an aid MD on-line and from any location. Glorious for treating gentle ailments like the respiratory disorder, allergies, headaches, and fevers, among others.


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